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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Anti Wrinkle Treatment & Injections

Cosmetic Injection Treatments in Melbourne

Bayside Family Dental in Cheltenham has a team of qualified professionals who can provide muscle relaxant treatments.

Why Dentist use Anti-Wrinkle & Cosmetic injections

Anti wrinkle injections are growing in popularity and in recent time become the most popular form of cosmetic treatment.

Dentists are qualified to administer muscle relaxant injections to the area of the face due to their highly qualified and depth of knowledge, of the facial anatomy. The team at Bayside Family Dental are qualified to carry out these procedures in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Our team understand the importance of preserving their youthful look which is why we offer treatments combating frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines.

Mouth Treatments:

Our clinical team understand the importance of your teeth and acknowledge that the surrounding areas of the mouth actually frame your smile. That is why we extend our service treatments to include anti wrinkle injections to maximise your smiles potential. Anti wrinkle injections are an ideal way of removing these aging lines.

Anti wrinkle injections are commonly provided for the following:

• Frown lines
• Crow’s feet
• Forehead lines
• Upper lip creases
• Smokers Lines
• Brow Lift
• Bunny Lines
• Downturn Smile
• Dimple Chin
• Nefertiti lift

Cosmetic injection can be used for some of the most common medical conditions:

• Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)
• TMJ dysfunction
• Gummy smile

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding):

Bruxism is the medical term or condition for teeth grinding or jaw tension which affects people most commonly at night time during sleep but can also occur during the day. This is a direct result of the masseter muscle (Jaw muscle) applying excessive pressure, resulting in local pain and headaches.

Some of the symptoms of Bruxism are:

• Head ache / Migraines
• Local pain
• Sensitive teeth
• Worn teeth surface
• Loss of tooth enamel
• Chipped and surface damage
• Bite alignment issues
• Mouth appearance changes

Anti wrinkle injections are a passive way that our dentists can relax the masseter muscle and surrounding areas to reduce the affect on the above symptoms.The anti winkle injections have no affect on the normal chewing process or facial appearance.

TMJ dysfunction:

TMJ dysfunction is the ‘Temporomandibular’ Joint dysfunction’s cause is difficult to determine but can be a result or combination of factors such as Arthritis, genetics or jaw injury. It is affectively the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles being inflamed. Patients may experience head and ear aches / migraines, lack of jaw movement / stiffness and local spasms.

Gummy Smile:

Gummy smile is a common condition where the lips pass higher than normal exposing the teeth and gum areas more than normal. Anti wrinkle injections can help minimise this condition by relaxing the muscle of the upper lip by allowing the position sit lower. The anti winkle injections have no affect on the normal chewing process or facial appearance.

You may be one of the many people who want to remove or reduce the stress and worry from your life. Our team at Bayside Family Dental will help provide a carefully thought out treatment plan that will rejuvenate and help improve your appearance and outlook.

Filling Injections:

• Lip Augmentation
• Cheek Augmentation
• Nasolabial
• Marionette Lines

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic treatment process that can improve the lip appearance by creating plumper, more fuller lips via dermal filler. These fillers are sometimes called ‘Hyaluronic Acid Fillers’

Hyaluronic fillers help improve shape, structure & volume. The affects generally last up to 6 mths where by additional treatment should be sort.

Hyaluronic fillers provide the following benefits:

• Support and shape the tissue
   The filler supports and shapes the tissue of the lips.
• Control over lip volume:
   The filler amount can be controlled so that the clinician can control the volume of the lip more accurately.
• Gradual Treatment Pace:
   Injection maybe given gradually over a series of appointments to achieve desired results.
• Easily dissolvable Bumps:
   Any lumps or bumps created by lip movement can be dissolved easily
• Less bruising:
   Hyaluronic fillers generally leave less bruising than other dermal fillers.
• Long lasting:
   Hyaluronic fillers are generally longer lasting but not permanent.
• Allergic reaction unlikely:
   Hyaluronic filler is made of similar substances found in the body and therefore are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. But if you are allergic to lidocaine, please advise your clinician

What to expect during the treatment:

Injectable lip augmentation treatment is relatively quick and can be administered in a short period of time within our surgery.
The procedure generally is:
1. Numbing agent applied to the local area to help ease any discomfort.
2. Alternatively a nerve block injection similar to the anesthetic type used during any general dental procedure maybe applied to numb the entire lips.
3. Our clinician will then carefully and strategically mark up the mouth area ready for administering a series of small needles containing the filler.
4. Once completed ice or a cold pack maybe applied to the local area to ease any swelling or discomfort. Avoid any outside pressure to the immediate areas.
5. Lipstick and balms should be avoided straight after the treatment.
6. You will notice a difference after the treatment has been completed.
7. Once healing is complete your lip should feel normal

Side affects of Lip augmentation:

Generally side affect’s associated with lip augmentation may only last a few days. Some of these maybe:

• Needle insertion bleeding
• Some minor bruising and swelling
• Slight redness around the local area of treatment
• Possible activation of cold sores and alike.

Lip augmentation cost:
Most lip augmentation treatment cost will depend on the volume of filler require and the exact procedure needed. The treatment plan will be explained clearly before any procedures take place.

Very few health providers will cover cosmetic surgery so it is important that you understand the treatment being offered and the associated costs.

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