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Dental Crowns

What are Dental Crowns?

The aim of a crown is to protect the existing tooth from fracture or breakage, where the tooth has been damaged from decay, trauma, large and extensive restoration, and after root canal treatment. Tough and hard enough to last for as long as you do, the dental crowns that Bayside Family Dental offer can restore the look and viability of your tooth.

Crowns can also be used in Cosmetic dentistry, where there may be a need to whiten, reshape and re-align a tooth or teeth. They can be perfectly matched to the colour of their neighbouring teeth, and do not stand out.

The Crown covers the visible part of the tooth, and is a bonded covering or cap that is cemented with a special dental cement. They are made to last for many years, and so that your tooth can be used just as it usually would.

Your Crown may be constructed out of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and gold, which have varying strengths, appearance, durability and cost. Dental crowns are a great option to strengthen and protect vulnerable teeth.

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