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Mouth Guard

Custom Fitted Mouth Guards

Safety in today’s Sports

With today’s advanced material technology and production processes Bayside Family Dental can provide high quality custom mouth guard’s, with improved flexibility, to the point that they fit the individual mouth structure perfectly, with better comfort and durability.

For a by gone era many athletes played contact sports in arenas and sporting facilities without most of the protection we see today. As a natural progression in technology and medicine we now see a reduction in severe mouth injuries from high impact clashes through better fitted and more advanced materials in the production of mouth guards. The custom made mouth guard itself now forms a critical preventative measure for the athlete. We have seen in recent times an increase in athlete participation in many physical sports, inparticular, women’s sports comprising of AFL football, soccer and rugby to mention a few.

Mouth guards in the past have always been considered inflexible and very hard due to the type of material used, so when a collision occurred the older style mouth guard would end up doing potentially more damage to the teeth, jaws and surround tissue, together with the unnecessary dental costs for the repair work.

High safety first with high quality custom sport mouth guards

The higher graded safety custom made mouth guards provided by Bayside Family Dental will provide the athlete with a precise and uniquesports guard made specifically to their make-up.

Production line sports mouth guards purchased from sporting stores are often made from a lower grade rubber composite which can sit elevated in the mouth and can be bulky.Off the shelf mouth guards also often take up more space within the mouth affecting the breathing efficiency for the athlete. Bayside Family Dental’s custom sports mouth guards are made to be stream line and flexible within the mouth to help promote more efficient breathing while maximising comfort and flexibility for the athlete.

If you are a regular participate in a contact sport and wish to chat more about our custom sport mouth guard’s please call us on 03 85100148 or

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