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About our Dentists

About Our Dentists

Dr Joslyn Lay

Dentist - Bachelor Dental and Oral Surgery

Joslyn is a skilled Dentist who has great composure and skill when it comes to oral health care. The sign of an exceptional clinician is their ability to diagnose an oral health situation and have the ability to communicate to the patient in very clear terms while ensuring they understand all options made available. Knowledge is power and patient ability to understand their options is very important to Joslyn and the team at Bayside Family Dental.

Joslyn ensures all patients are well informed to help make the right decision when it comes to oral health procedures and options.

Joslyn prides himself in his work and is grateful to be able to help people over come their oral health issues. Once you meet Joslyn you will realise very quickly his smile is very infectious.

Joslyn communicates well in English, Cantonese & Mandarin  

Dr Vincent Huynh

Dentist – Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science

Vincent’s ability to diagnose various oral health conditions allows him to undertake difficult procedures in a relaxed and friendly environment while ensuring the highest level of patient care is provided. Vincent has great skill in carrying out procedures for the most challenging of oral health problems while ensuring the patients wellbeing and comfort are uncompromised. Vincent also is keen to increase his knowledge through further studies on clinical techniques to ensure he is up to date with the latest procedures and technologies.

Vincent is a great communicator and is proficient in English & Cantonese

Dr Joanna Wang

Dentist - Bachelor Dental and Oral Surgery

Joanna is a skilled Dentist who prides herself on providing high quality oral health care. Joanna has a caring and compassionate nature who strives to help others and communicate on all levels. Joanna believes communication is one of the most important attributes when consulting patients. Joanna’s experience involves general dental procedures, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry, surgical extractions, root canals, crowns and bridges.

Mrs Lisa Vokes

Oral Health Therapist - Bachelor Oral Hygiene & Therapy

Lisa is an exceptional dual qualified Dental Hygienist / Therapist who can assess and treat your oral health condition with the utmost care and thoroughness. Lisa has a passion for ensuring patients have a pleasant experience while undertaking high quality procedures in what most would say can be an anxious environment. Lisa has an incredible ability to conduct examinations particularly with children while ensuring the patient and parents / guardians are in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Lisa believes this to be one of the most important areas in dentistry.

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