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About our Dentists

About Our Dentists

Dr Leonora Langstaff

Dentist – Bachelor of Dental Surgery & Anatomical Science

Leonora grew up in Oxford, England before graduating from the University of Bristol with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Anatomy. After this she completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree.

Leonora provides all aspects of general dental care from oral hygiene advice to root canal treatments. She particularly enjoys providing cosmetic dental work and has also trained to be able to offer anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers to compliment this. Leonora is also interested in oral surgery and has undertaken additional training in this area.

She is committed to providing a high standard of dental care to all patients. Leonora takes a holistic approach and enjoys taking her time to find out exactly what treatment is right for you.

Dr Sarah Meeran

Dentist – Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science

Dr. Sarah is a gentle and caring dentist who provides comprehensive, long-term quality dental treatment for all her patients. Its paramount for her that patients experience a stress- free, relaxing and enjoyable environment when they visit dental practices. She is committed to the comfort and well-being of her patients and encourages them to make informed decisions regarding which treatment plan is most appropriate for them.

Dr. Sarah regularly attends dental education courses and seminars to keep up with the advancements and techniques in order to provide quality dental treatment to her patients. Sarah's experience involves general dental procedures including restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Sarah speaks English and Tamil fluently.

Dr Oscar Buse

Dentist – Bachelor of Dental Science

Dr Oscar Buse is a highly accomplished and motivated Dentist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas of dentistry and competency across diagnosis and treatment planning.

Dr Oscar ensures the most suitable treatment is communicated and tailored to the specific needs of the patient while ensuring the most comfortable possible experience.

Dr Oscar provides general dentistry services while specializing in Prosthodontics, Crowns, Bridges and Implant treatment.His empathetic and friendly manner provides for a positive patient experience.

Dr Oscar speaks English. Spanish and Portuguese

Dr Vincent Huynh

Dentist – Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science

Vincent’s ability to diagnose various oral health conditions allows him to undertake difficult procedures in a relaxed and friendly environment while ensuring the highest level of patient care is provided. Vincent has great skill in carrying out procedures for the most challenging of oral health problems while ensuring the patients wellbeing and comfort are uncompromised. Vincent also is keen to increase his knowledge through further studies on clinical techniques to ensure he is up to date with the latest procedures and technologies.

Vincent is a great communicator and is proficient in English & Cantonese

Dr Joanna Wang

Dentist - Bachelor Dental and Oral Surgery

Joanna is a skilled Dentist who prides herself on providing high quality oral health care. Joanna has a caring and compassionate nature who strives to help others and communicate on all levels. Joanna believes communication is one of the most important attributes when consulting patients. Joanna’s experience involves general dental procedures, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry, surgical extractions, root canals, crowns and bridges.

Mrs Lisa Vokes

Oral Health Therapist - Bachelor Oral Hygiene & Therapy

Lisa is an exceptional dual qualified Dental Hygienist / Therapist who can assess and treat your oral health condition with the utmost care and thoroughness. Lisa has a passion for ensuring patients have a pleasant experience while undertaking high quality procedures in what most would say can be an anxious environment. Lisa has an incredible ability to conduct examinations particularly with children while ensuring the patient and parents / guardians are in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Lisa believes this to be one of the most important areas in dentistry.

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