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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals

Best Root Canal Dentists in Cheltenham

Need a root canal? Bayside Family Dental offer comprehensive root canal treatment options.

What is a root canal?

When tooth decay is minor, a simple filling will suffice in most cases. However, in more severe cases root canal treatement will be required. When decay, infection or trauma can cause irreversible damage to the nerve or pulp chamber of the tooth, which can cause significant pain or swelling to the local and surrounding tissues of the tooth.

Classic signs and symptoms of pulpal inflammation can include discoloration of the tooth, dull-throbbing ache, tender to touch, abscess or swelling of tissues or face. In this instance, treatment options are extraction or Root canal therapy. The aim of Root canal therapy is to save the tooth.

In choosing Root canal treatment, our dentists will do specialized diagnostic tests, x-rays and use dental files to clean the canals of the infected or inflamed pulp tissue, of the root system. Over a series of appointments, the canals will be carefully cleaned and disinfected, and re-filled with special rubber points called gutta-percha, to seal and prevent bacteria from re-entering the canals.

This procedure is preferred over extraction, as it will enable you to keep your tooth and function without pain or discomfort. In keeping your natural tooth, Root canal treatment is a much less expensive, and cost effective way of restoring your mouth. Consider the costs involved in losing a tooth, your alternative replacement options would be a denture, implant or bridge.

Teeth in which have been Root canal treated (or endodontically treated) will require a crown to complete treatment, and to restore the strength and function of the tooth.

If you wish to know more about Root Canal treatment please call us or make an appointment with one of our Dentist’s at Bayside family dental, to discuss further.

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