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Are you happy with the appearance of your teeth? Are they discolored or stained? Teeth Whitening in Cheltenham is fast becoming the most popular and requested cosmetic dental procedure around today, and with remarkable results and patient satisfaction, it’s easy to see why!

Our practitioners at Bayside Family Dental provide Pola Professional Whitening services, a noted, & remarkable difference to your whitening experience! For the most effective Teeth Whitening experience enjoy in-chair Whitening service and a take home kit to enhance and prolong your teeth Whitening longevity.

Sensitive teeth? or are you Only looking to lighten your teeth 1-3 shades and brighten your teeth for a natural difference? Why not try our Pola ‘brush on application’ with 6% hydrogen peroxide for $99, or the Pola home kit with light for $200. Whatever your Whitening needs are we have you covered, give us a call 8510-0148!

By visiting Bayside Family Dental, you will be ensured of the quickest, and most effective way to whiten your teeth in one single session, achieving improved shades of increased whiteness. Come see us at Bayside family dental for the No.1 requested teeth whitening system.

Call us now to book in your appointment for your new, brighter and whiter smile!

Your Special Offer
» We are pleased to offer our clients the Pola Professional Whitening for just $600.
» Take home the Pola Day/Night Whitening kit for $450.
» Take advantage of our exclusive offers! Call us now for your most confident smile yet!

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